Finally, a Clear Path for Adult Learners through the Application Confusion

A Free Easy-to-Use Checklist That Simplifies College Applications

Are you thinking about going back to school to further your career and earn a better life but are overwhelmed by all the steps and paperwork needed just to apply to college, qualify for financial aid, and get your prior credits transferred?

Applying for college can be complicated, but it’s so much easier when you have a clear path to follow. That’s exactly why we created this checklist: to help adult applicants like you navigate through the complicated and annoying steps required to apply to college and on your way to a new career and a new life.

We help adult students who are struggling with the application process every day and we've based this checklist on what we’ve learned. Follow the steps in this checklist to stay organized, on track, and moving forward throughout the college application process.

Set yourself up for success. Get your free checklist and learn how to:

  • Get organized before applying to college
  • Start off the application process right 
  • Manage the application procedure from start to finish
  • Apply for maximum financial aid
  • Apply for maximum transfer credits
  • Know what to do after you've been accepted
  • Understand and prepare for any additional next steps 

Don't let paperwork scare you away from finally getting your degree. Fill out the form to receive your free checklist and we promise applying to school will be easier than ever before!


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